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Main Product Series

BETTER MACHINERY is committed to modern design and refreshing high-quality floor drain products. In this field, all products are related. BETTER MACHINERY will maintain the greatest advantage and continue to invest and launch new products.

Linear Drains

Linear Drains

Linear drains are long, narrow drains that are designed to be installed along a straight line, typic...

Stainless Steel Floor Drains

Stainless Steel Floor Drains

Stainless steel floor drains are plumbing fixtures that are used to drain water from a floor or othe...

Brass Floor Drains

Brass Floor Drains

Brass floor drains are plumbing fixtures that are used to drain water from a floor or other surface....


Develop a lasting win-win business with BETTER MACHINERY.

Why choose us

We are good at providing solutions on products development, cost saving, quality control, and pefect service.

Responsible and reliable. Responsibility is the important thing to be considered when we make the decision.

We can provide professional, considerable services, with our experienced team, considering the point of view on both sides.

We have detailed, systematic quality control guideline, and QC team for inspection, which will guarantee for stable and controllable quality.

Because of bulk purchasing, experienced teamwork, we have big advantage on prices, which will save money for our clients.


We will continue to introduce new products for you

Our Products

Here you can find bathroom products, including stainless steel floor drain/brass floor drain, linear floor drain, bathroom accessories. If you can't find the product you like, please feel free to contact our team, we will provide you with the most efficient and professional services and solutions.

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Yuhuan Better Machinery Co.,Ltd is professional

China floor drains manufacturers and linear shower drains factory

.The company is located at No. 32 Xuancheng Road, Yuhuan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang. It covers an area of 6000 square meters, with a construction area of 12000 square meters. There are more than 80 workers, including more than 10 technicians.
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What Is News

Better machinery tell you what is the floor drain

The floor drain in our bathroom in life, it is one of the essential products, there may be people who don't know what is the floor drain, so the next Yuhuan Baxter Machinery Co. Ltd. went through the following what floor drain...

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