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Why use linear drainage engineering for municipal roads Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 26, 2020


The biggest feature of linear drainage is that the confluence point of a large amount of rainwater is changed from the ground to the U-shaped groove body, which shortens the flow time of rainwater on the road and avoids the short-term stagnation of rainwater on the road.

Linear drainage not only has certain advantages in drainage system and post-maintenance, recessed linear drain  but also will play an irreplaceable unique advantage when combined with rainwater collection and utilization system. The water-permeable bricks are used to collect precipitation on the walkway, and the collected precipitation is then introduced into the U-shaped groove through the water collection pipe to form filtered mixed water, and then overflow to the rainwater collection tank. For a city with severe water shortage, it is completely feasible to use linear drainage U-shaped grooves to collect rainwater, no matter from an economic point of view or in terms of actual effects and benefits.

In the hot summer, the temperature of the concrete pavement under the sun can reach about 50-60℃. When it rains, the rainwater absorbs a large amount of heat energy in the surface runoff process and directly flows into the green space, causing the flowers to fall and the grass to die. The linear drainage U-shaped groove can function as a water mixer, reducing the temperature of rainwater and ensuring the safety of urban greening.

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