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Why should we consider the problem of floor rust Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 17, 2020

When decorating, I took into account the problem that the floor drain will rust, so I listened to my friend's suggestion and bought a copper floor drain, but the price is cheaper, and I thought it would not rust. But the result was always so unexpected. Just after staying for half a year, the copper floor drain began to rust.
Floor drains, seemingly small and inconspicuous hardware, are important. China brass floor drain So when choosing, not only need to pay attention to the drop of ground drainage, but also pay attention to the problem of floor drain material. Although copper floor drains are not easy to rust, the poor quality of copper is no different from ordinary floor drains.

For the rusty copper floor drain, there are 5 solutions:

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The copper floor drain is rusty, and green patina will appear on the surface. It looks like it has been used for decades. In the first method, we can wipe the cloth or sponge soaked in vinegar and apply an appropriate amount of salt.

If you don't like the sour taste of vinegar, you can also replace it with lemon juice, then wipe it with salt, which can be said to be the second method. For copper floor drains that are more rusty, you need to melt the wax, then add sea salt, wipe it, and wipe the sides to remove the rust. This is method three.

The other two methods are more biased. One is to use kerosene and dentifrice, wipe the patina with a cloth dipped in kerosene, and then dip the dentifrice. The other is to mix fine wood, wheat hulls, talc, and vinegar into a paste at a ratio of 16:24:6:5, and evenly apply it to the patina. After natural air drying, the patina is removed.

If you want to make the floor drain brighter, you can use tin foil or sawdust from the smoke, wipe it with salt, the effect is very bright. After listening to my neighbor's words, I immediately found the materials and dried them up. After a while, the floor drain became brighter than before, which was too smart.

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