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Why do you have to install a floor drain in the kitchen? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 18, 2021


Careful friends will find that some kitchens have a floor drain, but if there is a home, everyone is curious, is it necessary to install floor drains in the kitchen? What is the impact of not pretending? In fact, the floor drain is still necessary to decorate, most people don't understand it at first, and then they understand it when they move in. Many owners feel that installing a floor drain in the kitchen is simply unnecessary, because there is very little water on the kitchen floor, let alone drainage. Moreover, the kitchen is not considered a wet zone in the strict sense, so the floor drain has been in a dry state for a long time. At this time, the stench in the water pipe will not stop rising up, and bugs will crawl along the floor drain to the home, OMG.

If the floor drain is not cleaned in time, the upper layer of MIA (jet) black MIA (jet) black, and a lot of hair will be stuck, and a dead corner will be properly cleaned. When we encounter an emergency and forget to turn off the faucet, if there is no floor drain, a large amount of water will accumulate in the kitchen.

The serious situation will also affect the downstairs. There are also common kitchen leaks, because the drain pipe of the sink is inserted vertically into the main pipe, and sometimes the water pipe may slip and fall out of the main pipe, which will cause the water to return to the kitchen floor. In a building, most kitchens share a drain riser. When a kitchen drain is blocked, the water pipes of several households will have backwater at the same time. This is more common for users on the first and second floors. The cabinets were soaked in water, and the loss was too great. With a floor drain, it will overflow from the floor drain, and it is also convenient for pipeline maintenance. So you can see that although the floor drain is not used much, it can be used for emergencies. Maybe it will come in handy someday. There is also a situation where there will be a lot of oil on the kitchen floor for a long time. When cleaning the floor, sprinkle a large basin of water and clean it as much as possible. It is convenient to have a floor drain.

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