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Why choose different floor drains according to the actual needs of the family Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 14, 2021

A “V”-shaped silicone nozzle air-sealed floor drain shall be installed on the modified horizontal pipe.

The first thing to emphasize is to try not to modify the horizontal pipe on the ground, but many friends who don’t understand the situation will change the pipe privately, because he can’t change the pipe downstairs, so he buried the horizontal pipe on the ground of his own home. If it is water from the wash basin, Filling Machine there will be no hindrance, but try not to change the floor drain on the modified horizontal pipe, because doing so will cause the drainage of the shower to be extremely blocked.

The floor drain installed in this way is very shallow, and deep water floor drains cannot be installed on the elbows at the end. They are usually equipped with air-sealed direct floor drains. If you are sure to install a gas-sealed floor drain, try to use a "V"-shaped silicone nozzle floor drain, because the air-sealed direct floor drain cannot guarantee that the parts below will not fall, and once a part falls off, it will fall into the horizontal pipe. It is very likely to be stuck, and there is no way to get it out after the stuck, but if you use a "V"-shaped silicone mouth drain, there will be no such problem, because the silicone mouth is soft, it is easy to be washed away by water, and it is not There will be pipe blockage.

Deep-water sealed floor drains can be used in places where water is often used.

In places where water is often used, such as shower areas, it is better to use deep water to seal floor drains. It is safer to use and not prone to failure. In addition, in areas where a large area such as a shower drains water, but the water impulse is not large, the drainage speed of air-sealed and water-sealed floor drains is actually not much different.
Air-sealed floor drains are suitable for dry places where water is not used frequently.

For example, floor drains in balconies or kitchens are usually used for temporary drainage, and they are not usually used. Therefore, air-sealed floor drains are suitable. Because this kind of floor drain is not limited by time, it is especially suitable for use in places where there is usually no drainage such as kitchens. Basically, the floor drain is not used, so there will be no failure in the future, and it can maintain its tightness. However, even if the water-sealed floor drain can keep the water for a long time, it will eventually dry out. At this time, you need to add water. This will be more troublesome.

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