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Why are linear gutters so popular Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 23, 2022

Linear drainage ditch, as the name implies, only leaves a narrow drainage gap on the pavement surface, which is relatively hidden and beautiful.
In modern times, linear drainage ditch is favored by many real estate developers and garden building drainage, and many municipal drainages also use linear drainage ditch.
So why are linear gutters so popular?
The material used for the linear gutters is a composite material. Nowadays, people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing, and the government is constantly strengthening the management and supervision of environmental protection, making environmentally friendly materials very popular, and composite materials have no side effects on the environment.
Linear gutters are built to last. The linear drainage ditch has excellent impact resistance, compression resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, biological corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, freezing resistance, etc., which makes the linear drainage ditch durable and easy to maintain.
The inner wall surface of the linear gutter is smooth. The surface and inner wall are smooth, which can reduce the adsorption of sundries and prevent clogging.
Linear gutters can be fabricated and installed on-site. Linear drainage ditches can be directly processed, installed, bonded, drilled, and cut on-site. It has the advantages of easy construction and convenient installation and can shorten the construction period.

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