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What should I do if the inner core of the floor drain does not rotate? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 22, 2020

The rotation of the floor drain core may be due to the wrong model. There are many types of floor drains. If the floor drain purchased is not the same size as the home, there will be a problem that the floor drain core will not rotate.

How to prevent floor drain

1. Fill the floor drain with water in time to keep the water seal in the floor drain and replace it frequently.

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2. Although the self-sealing floor drain is the inevitable development trend of the floor drain in the future, as far as the actual situation is concerned, its deodorizing effect is not as stable as the water-sealing floor drain, so it is best to choose the water-sealing floor drain.

3. Use a rubber stopper. You can go to the hardware store to buy a rubber stopper, which is usually put on the floor drain mouth when not in use, to prevent the floor drain from smelling.

4. Pack water in plastic bags. You can take a sealed convenient bag, fill the bag with fresh water and fasten the mouth, and then put the convenient bag filled with water on the floor drain, take it away when you use it, just plug it when not in use, it can be very Good to prevent bad smell from the floor drain.

5. The floor drain can be covered with a wet towel or plastic bag with exhaust gas to prevent the odor and germs of the floor drain from spreading indoors.

6. Regularly clean the floor drain. Some hair and other debris will often be entangled on the floor drain of the bathroom. Pay more attention to cleaning up to avoid affecting the drainage function of the sewer pipe. In addition, putting some tea bags, incense and bamboo charcoal in the bathroom can also effectively relieve the odor in the bathroom.

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