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What problems should be paid attention to during the decoration process Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 03, 2020

There are many types of floor drains on the market. The materials are mainly divided into stainless steel floor drain, PVC floor drain, cast iron and copper floor drain. Functionally, there are odor-resistant floor drains with elbows, lifting brass floor drain, ultra-thin floor drains, and floor drains for washing machines. Among them, the cast iron floor drain and the cast copper floor drain are easy to rust, the material is relatively backward, the structure is outdated, coupled with the small drainage, slow flow rate and other defects, once the water seal is broken, the overflow and odor problem cannot be solved. When PVC floor drain encounters heat and cold, it has poor physical stability and is easy to deform, which affects drainage and aesthetics.

In addition, because the PVC floor drain is made of plastic, as the number of residents in the building increases, in hot or cold weather, the positive and negative pressure generated in the pipeline can easily cause the floor drain to deform. Therefore, it is better for consumers to choose stainless steel floor drain.
Deodorant floor drains have appeared on the market. It is mainly composed of an upper cover, a floor drain body and a floating cover. The floating cover can float up and down in the floor drain body with water when there is water. When there is no water or there is little water, the drain pipe can be covered to prevent the odor from spreading into the room. . This kind of floor drain is more scientific in design, but in order to achieve better results, it is best to still be filled with water when using it to maintain the depth of the liquid level and the depth of the water seal of the floor drain. If there is no one at home for a long time, the floor drain is easy to dry up, even if it is a deodorant floor drain, its deodorizing effect will be unsatisfactory.

In addition, during the decoration process, attention should be paid to the tightness of the connection between the floor drain and the pipe path. Generally, if there is no special treatment requirement for the pipe material, the floor drain can be sealed with adhesive glue. It is better to leave a certain distance between the floor drain and the brick surface to ensure that the water seal height of the floor drain is 40mm-50mm. The depth of the water seal is higher, which helps prevent damage to it due to pressure fluctuations in the pipeline. As the weather heats up, the amount of water stored in the “water seal” of the floor drain decreases, and the water easily evaporates. The low-water floor drain cannot effectively block the dirty gas from entering the room through the floor drain. Therefore, residents must maintain a certain amount of water in the floor drain seal, so that the floor drain can really play the role of "water seal" blocking.

After the decoration is completed, it is best for residents to check and accept the floor drain installed in the bathroom, pay attention to whether the bathroom has no peculiar smell, and pour a basin of water to check whether the floor drain drainage is unobstructed. In addition, after decoration, pay attention to the open area of ​​the floor drain should not be too large, so as to effectively prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt from entering the floor drain.

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