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What problems should be avoided when installing floor drains Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 03, 2022

When we are decorating, the floor drain is one of the most easily overlooked parts. Don't look at its small size, but it plays a really big role. If the floor drain is not properly selected and secured, it will bring endless troubles to our daily life.

Improper selection and installation of floor drains are most likely to bring about the following three problems:
1. Anti-smell
2. Poor drainage (blockage)
3. Mosquitoes are rampant
Therefore, the selection and installation of the floor drain is a link that needs to be paid attention to in the decoration. It must be selected in advance and installed carefully, but it cannot be sloppy!

Installation: What "deep pits" should we avoid in the installation of floor drains? The following is a breakdown of the pits to avoid when installing the floor drain.
1. The floor drain should be about 1 cm lower than the ground so that the water can flow down smoothly and will not accumulate water on the ground. Water in the bathroom is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
2. Find a good water gradient to ensure that water in all directions can flow smoothly, which is also to avoid water accumulation.
3. Cement joints must be carefully sealed. If there are gaps, mosquitoes will crawl out of the sewers.
4. Be sure to wait until the cement is completely dry before using it. Don’t be in a hurry here, otherwise, the cement that hasn’t been dried will be flushed out of the holes by water, which is easy to hide dirt and dirt. The dirt inside is the ration for mosquitoes to survive.
5. Before installing the floor drain, use a rag to seal the water inlet, otherwise the sediment and stones during construction will fall into the water inlet and block the water outlet.



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