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What problems might occur during the use of the floor drain? Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 27, 2020

Some problems may occur after using the floor drain for a long time. The following introduces the following for you, including some solutions:

Reason analysis: It may be that the water seal of the floor drain is not high enough, and it is very easy to dry up, causing the odor in the drainage pipe to flood into the room.

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Reason analysis: It may be that the cross-section of the floor drain is not smooth enough, the sewage cannot pass through quickly, or the internal structure of the floor drain is convex and concave, which catches the dirt such as hair and fibers.
Solution: First, there is not necessarily a backbend in the floor drain, just add one to it; second, change to a floor drain of the same brand and specification. But during construction, be careful not to damage the waterproof layer. In addition, it should be reminded that during use, the water seal should be prevented from drying up and water must be injected regularly. If you leave for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a lid.

Solution: The height of the floor drains is determined by the layout of the drainage system. Therefore, the height of the floor drain used with it should be within 200mm and 120mm, and must be drained laterally. Commonly used concealed installation methods are partial sinking pipe for bathroom structural floor and cushioning pipe for bathroom. In order to meet the requirements of toilet height and ergonomics, the sinking clearance of the former is 300mm for the floor drain, and the height of the cushion of the latter is up to 170mm.

Solution: Open the floor tiles around the floor drain, dig out the surrounding cement to a depth of 3 cm, and then seal it with a "plugging stopper". After 1 hour, do a water closure test to see if it still seeps.

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