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What materials are the floor drains made of? How to deodorize the floor drains? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 14, 2022

Many owners will feel that the smell of the bathroom is relatively large, which is mainly determined by the odor it appears. In order to reduce the smell of the bathroom, the floor drain will be used for deodorization. What are the tips for deodorization of the floor drain? Let's come. See how floor drains deodorize.

How to deodorize the floor drain

1. What materials are the floor drains made of?

1. Cast iron: affordable and not easy to rust, but it is easy to get dirty after rusting, and it is not easy to clean.

2. PVC: The price is affordable, it is easily deformed by the influence of temperature, and the scratch resistance and impact resistance are poor, making it unsightly.

3. Zinc alloy: affordable and easy to be corroded.

4. Ceramics: the price will be more affordable, the corrosion resistance is strong, but the impact resistance is not;

5. Cast aluminum: moderate price, light weight and rough;

6. Stainless steel: cheap, beautiful and durable.

7. Copper alloy: heavier and better, more high-grade, affordable, and the surface can be electroplated.

How to deodorize the floor drain

2. How to deodorize the floor drain?

1. The water-sealed floor drain has the longest history. Its biggest defect is that if it is not used for a few days, the odor and pests of the sewer will be driven straight in because of the lack of water in the trap, even if some manufacturers increase the trap. , but there will also be the problem of long business trips or no use for a long time without deodorization. At the same time, there is another problem. The higher the water seal, the easier it is to hide dirt in the core. These dirts are difficult to clean, and due to the floor drain The sewage itself is domestic sewage, so the water stored in the water trap in the south or in summer will stink for a few days, forming a new source of pollution.

2. Eccentric block type: that is, a gasket is used, one side is fixed with a pin, and the principle of gravity eccentricity is used to seal. The disadvantage is that the sealing is not tight, and the pin is easily damaged, resulting in failure;

3. Floating ball type: use a plastic ball to float to close the drain, but if water is not replenished for a period of time, the seal will fail;

4. Spring type: divided into upper and lower types. The upper type is to press the cover plate, the cover plate bounces up, and it will be reset when pressed again; the lower type is to use the spring to stretch the sealing gasket at the lower end of the sealing core to seal. Since the spring is made of ferroboron, it is easy to rust, the elasticity is gradually weakened until it fails, and the service life is not long. In addition, the spring is easy to wrap hair and fabrics, and it is not easy to clean;

5. Magnet type: It is sealed with the magnetic suction gasket of two magnets. Due to the poor quality of the ground water, such as washing items, brushing the floor and other reasons, the dirt will contain some iron impurities adsorbed on the magnet. After a period of time, the impurity layer will cause the gasket to fail to close. The effect of the magnetic force will gradually weaken.

6. Gravity mechanical type: Gravity movement uses the eternal principle of gravity, so it has the longest service life. No water seal, no dirty water, straight-up and straight-down drainage. After the water is drained, the sealing gasket at the bottom of the sealing core is automatically closed. When not in use, the floor drain is always in a closed state. The deodorant effect is the best, and cleaning is also very convenient. Take off the deodorant core and rinse it in water for a few times. It can be completed in less than a minute. It should be the best and most popular deodorant core in comprehensive comparison.

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