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What is the general floor drain size Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 06, 2021

1. Odor-proof floor drains size: Mainly 3 inches and 4 inches in diameter are more common, and there are other sizes, from small to large, and there are many sizes. According to the shape of the anti-odor floor drain, there are square, round, rectangular, etc. The size of the household square anti-odor floor drain ranges from 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm.

Second, the size of the floor drain panel: generally 10 cm, the normal hole diameter of the drain is 5 cm, most of the changed are 4 cm squares commonly used in households of 10cm*10cm, 12cm*12cm.

3. Deep-sealed floor drain: square panel 10cm X 10cm, depth 12cm-14cm (different brands have different depths). Pipe diameter: 50. Pipes with inner diameters of 5cm are also fine, but at least more than 4.5cm.

4. Magnetic automatic deodorant floor drain: Square panel 10cm X 10cm Depth: 8cm from the tile to the elbow of the sewer pipe. Pipe diameter: 50 pipes, that is, the inner diameter is 5cm. A thinner pipe is also possible, but at least more than 4.5cm.

5. Ultra-thin floor drain: square panel 10cm X 10cm depth: panel thickness 1.5cm, floor drain core length 2.5cm, floor drain overall depth 4cm pipe diameter 40 pipe inner diameter 4cm ultra-thin floor drain is generally used in old houses, because there are Many of them use 40 pipes. Nowadays, the sewer pipes in new houses are generally 50 pipes. In addition, if the pipes in the new house are changed to 40 pipes or the depth is only between 4cm and 7cm after the change, T-type automatic deodorization cannot be used. You can only use this kind of floor drain. Although this kind of floor drain is also deodorant, its deodorizing effect is less. The only advantage is that the water runs faster.

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