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What is the difference between linear gutters and traditional gutters Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 19, 2022

With the improvement of living conditions, linear drainage ditches have begun to be widely used in residential squares, landscaped green spaces, building platforms, and other places. Different from traditional drainage ditches, linear drainage ditches have strong advantages, such as environmental protection and aesthetics. and so on are not comparable to traditional drains.
1. The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, the inner wall is smooth and free of scale, which can be cleaned by itself and is not easy to be blocked, and the anti-theft buckle is used between each ditch and the cover to ensure the integrity of the drainage system and save the maintenance cost in the later stage.
2. In terms of performance, it can continuously collect water, with strong drainage capacity, and there are reinforcing ribs on the wall of the groove, which avoids the settlement of the ground to a certain extent.
3. The construction is simple and fast, light in weight, easy to transport, and connected by the card slot, which can reduce nearly 4/5 of the man-hours, and the side discharge port and the lower discharge port are reserved, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.
4. Beautiful appearance, all kinds of cover plates can be freely matched, and the cover plates are the same. If there is a replacement in the later stage or a single purchase of the groove body or cover plate, it can also be perfectly matched with the products in between.
5. Its irreplaceability is even more reflected in the use of the ground with limited soil coverage. Because of its strong drainage capacity, the depth and width of ground excavation are greatly reduced compared with traditional drainage ditches, and the drainage requirements are met. The problem of soil cover is limited.
In actual use, the prominent effect of linear drainage ditches is more obvious than that of the traditional drainage ditches.
If the same ground paving materials are used in different places, a linear drainage ditches can be used on the drainage ditch to design a unique appearance, and it can be used as the dividing line of different areas to divide the space area. to enhance the sense of place in the area.
For functional scenic spots, it is not advisable to overemphasize the decoration of linear drainage ditches and should focus on functionality and play an embellishing role. Then the correct way is to take advantage of the location particularity of a reputable linear drainage ditch. Linear drainage ditches can be installed in different functional areas. Of course, the material color should not be the same as the ground in the scenic area, and the structure of different paving materials should be used. The boundary change line is formed, and it can also serve as a warning for the division of functional areas.
Some scenic spots have not done much in terms of orientation, so at this time, a linear drainage ditch can be used to guide tourists. Linear drainage ditch has the characteristics of straight line and lattice, so designers can use point In the form of line combination, injury can play a certain guiding and emphasizing role in the scenic spot.


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