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What is the best slope of the balcony for drainage Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 27, 2020

What is the best slope of the balcony for drainage?

The balcony is the main place for washing and drying clothes, so it is inevitable that some water will splash on the balcony, so the drainage problem of the balcony becomes particularly important. What is the best slope of the balcony for drainage?

First of all, we must know that the balcony drain pipe will not be restricted, but it will be affected by many factors. Such as pipe diameter, pipe material, flow rate, etc., the influence of these factors must be considered, so the purdue range of the balcony drain pipe must be considered.
To make drainage better, its drainage slope design is critical. The drainage slope should be decorated with a specific value.

Because the balcony drain pipe is related to the interior and exterior and the pipe material, when designing the balcony drain slope, the design is larger than the plastic drain pipe. In general, the indoor drainage slope should be controlled within 25%, but the specific situation should be designed according to the corresponding specifications.

What is the appropriate drainage slope for an open balcony? Because this design balcony can easily enter the balcony when it encounters a heavy rain. If there is a drainage problem, the balcony is likely to be flooded, and rain water may enter the room. At this time, when the drainage slope of the balcony is designed to be 1%, it is best to drain water and not let rainwater flow into the room. For an open balcony, the ground should be 3~5cm lower than the indoor ground, and a water retaining strip can also be designed. Also, the floor drain should be selected with a large displacement. When purchasing a floor drain, you must strictly control its quality to avoid future troubles.

What is the appropriate slope for the drainage of a closed balcony? Generally, the slope should be controlled at about 5mm~15mm, which can safely drain the overflowing water from washing and drying clothes. The floor of the balcony must be elevated and lower than the level ground, and the floor drain must be even lower. Therefore, the drainage slope of the balcony facing the floor drain is generally better than 2%, and the drainage slope should face the floor drain. But if there are no washing machines, lockers, or laundry tubs on the balcony, the floor can be drained without regard to the slope.

The balcony is the closest area to the outdoors and an important place for washing and drying clothes, so its balcony drainage design is very important. However, the design should also consider whether the balcony is closed or open. The above balcony drainage design techniques and the content of the balcony drainage slope are for your reference.

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