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What is a refined functional landscape drainage ditch? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 31, 2020


The detailed design of the drainage ditch fully considers humanization, which greatly increases the comfort of pedestrians, and the material construction technology is meticulous, and the effect and quality are perfect.

The particularity of the location of the drainage ditch is used as the dividing line of different paving materials or mosaics, and at the same time, it also plays a role in the division and warning of different functional zones.

Customer-oriented, quality is regarded as the basic recessed linear drain requirement in the design and construction process, and every detail is constructed with the mentality of creating artwork. The Yedu team under the concept of "refinement" is step by step towards an innovative "good quality of life home" ".

The construction of landscape space is mainly divided into three levels: the first level is decorative; the second level is mixed; the third level is functional. Among them, the third-level functional landscape elements are generally not noticed, but the quality of their detailed design directly affects the quality of the park. Take drainage ditch and gully cover as an example. As it is a functional landscape, its decoration needs to be integrated with the surrounding environment, so as to realize the function while not being too visually prominent.

A drainage channel is designed between the landscape park road and the greenery. At the same time, the rainwater from the green belt and the park road is collected and drained into the gully. The drainage channel can effectively block the pollution of the road surface by the muddy water in the green belt. The design of the drainage channel is free. According to the form of the road, the material is designed as 304 stainless steel, the wall thickness of the stainless steel plate is 3mm, and the width and depth of the drainage channel are both 50mm.

The gutter cover is a very small part of the landscape design, so it is easy to be ignored by everyone. The breeze blows, the rain slides down, the fallen leaves kiss softly, and the rain gully cover lies on the road to see the spring blossoms and autumn fruits.

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