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What is a deodorant floor drain? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 03, 2020

At present, most people buy floor drains not only consider its water leakage function, as people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life, the deodorant function of floor drains has become one of the standards for people to buy floor drains.

The deodorant floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of the indoor air and is very important for the control of odor in the bathroom. The deodorant floor drain has the characteristics of super drainage, super anti-blocking, super deodorant, and over-time anti-drying. Deodorant floor drains are mainly made of cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramics, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass and other materials

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 The main function of floor drain:

1. Quick drainage

2. Seal

3. Deodorant

A good floor drain should have the following advantages: anti-odor, anti-cockroach, anti-virus, anti-clogging, anti-backflow, anti-drying

 Not only should the floor drain leak quickly, but the most important priority is to prevent it from clogging. Otherwise, if you are too old to clean up, you will end up in trouble.

Why do toilets all over the world use the principle of water sealing to prevent odor? Because the water seal is the most scientific, reliable and effective deodorant method.

 There are various types of floor drains on the market, and the price ranges from 3 to 5 yuan to more than 100 yuan, but it is not easy to find the ones that can really achieve the deodorant effect. They are all said to be deodorant floor drains, but the specific anti-odor deodorant can only Wait until you use it to know whether it is deodorant or not.

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