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What are the types of bathroom floor drains? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 19, 2021

Everyone is familiar with the floor drain. According to the interpretation of a certain section, it refers to the interface in the drainage pipe system. The performance of the floor drain is very important for the control of the odor in the bathroom/balcony and other water-rich spaces. Therefore, we need to invest more energy in the selection of floor drains when decorating.

What are the types of bathroom floor drains? How should we choose? First, let's take a look at the types of common toilets. Generally speaking, there are two main types of floor drains used in toilets (classified by shape), U-shaped floor drains and T-shaped floor drains. U-shaped floor drain, a kind of floor drain similar to U-shaped in shape. The U-shaped floor drain has a trap, as long as there is water in the trap, it can maintain a very good insect-proof and odor-proof effect. Due to the height of the floor drain, the drainage speed is slow.

T-shaped floor drain, a kind of floor drain similar to T-shaped in shape. The T-shaped floor drain has a small lid, which floats when there is water, and closes automatically when there is no water. Due to the relatively small height, the drainage speed of the T-shaped floor drain is faster. In view of the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom, remember to separate the floor drains in the dry zone and wet zone, and do not choose the wrong one.

The root cause of the failure of the bathroom floor drain is the misuse of the floor drain in the wet and dry areas after eliminating the quality of the floor drain. Because the shower room (wet area) often takes a bath, and there are often clothes such as hair, it is suitable to choose a U-shaped floor drain. As long as there is water in the trap, it can have a very good odor control effect. Floor drains in dry areas are suitable for choosing T-shaped floor drains. After all, the height of the sink makes the instantaneous water flow large.

Therefore, it is suitable to choose a T-shaped floor drain with a fast drainage speed. It is worth mentioning that when installing the floor drain, whether it is a dry area or a wet area, remember to place the floor drain at the lowest point of the dry or wet area so that the ground water can be discharged normally. Of course, the ground needs to be sloped, and the slope faces the floor drain.

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