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What are the tips for maintaining floor drains? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 23, 2020

1. The weather is hot in summer, and the hygiene of the floor drain should also be done. Otherwise, in a wet bathroom, a small floor drain is likely to breed bacteria. Implementing this method can often disinfect the floor drain. Immerse the unused old towels in the disinfectant solution, wring the towels half-dried after ten minutes, and cover the floor drain. Since the towels are wet, all the gaps on the floor drain grate can be blocked for disinfection. If possible, spray the disinfectant on the towel every few hours, so as to ensure tight sealing and disinfection. However, if the towel is dry, the disinfection effect will naturally disappear.

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   2. It is very convenient to see the floor drain for washing machines on the market, with a rotatable cover in the middle, which can be closed when not in use and unscrewed when in use. When decorating, please decorate the worker to make a special cover for the floor drain. A small handle is embedded on the cover. When you want to use the floor drain, you can remove the cover. When not in use, the cover is buckled on the floor drain, pipe or floor. The bad smell underneath will certainly not run up.

3. Generally speaking, the phenomenon of water leakage occurs in the bathroom. The reason is that there are three places: floor drain, corner and pipe root. Because there are many interfaces and there are gaps, there is leakage water. If it is determined that it is caused by the floor drain, then Under normal circumstances, due to the loose connection between the floor drain and the sewer pipe installation, there is a gap, so the phenomenon of water leakage occurs. The solution can be to open the floor drain and reinstall it, and paint and partially waterproof the joint of the pipe wall and the cement layer to solve the problem. There is no need to do a comprehensive waterproofing project.

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