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What are the methods for cleaning the drain? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 03, 2020

By using drainage claws:

Dirty things often accumulate under the filter, which is placed in or above the drain. Although many filters can be removed manually, some filters also require screws to be removed. Use a suitable screwdriver to remove the screws. If you now know which type of screwdriver to use, match the screwdriver to the screw head. The size and shape of the screwdriver head should be easy to fit into the screw. Turn each screw around the filter until all screws are loose. Afterwards, when dredging the drain, place the screw in a protected position.

Some sewers use bathtub plugs instead of filters, and these plugs are also placed in the sewer. Since they are not pressed with any screws, they are easier to remove. Simply rotate and lift the plug to remove it.

Clean any dirty residue; you may need to wipe the filter and plug, depending on how dirty they are. When the drain bar is inserted deep enough, it will hit the drain elbow, which is part of the drain elbow. Continue to push the drain rod through the trap. The stick is flexible and will bend.

There are many small interlocking hooks on the claw, so it will attract dirt and allow you to pull it out. If you want to save it for future use, please remove the debris from the drain rod. Hair and soap accumulate in just a few months, so drain sticks are often available.

Use chemical drainage cleaner:

Chemical drain cleaners can remove drains with chemicals such as potassium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. If used correctly, they will remove most of the drainage blockages. Choose a drain cleaner from local hardware or discount department stores.

Read the manufacturer's instructions on the back of the cleaner carefully. Some may need to wear protective glasses and only pour a certain amount of liquid, others need to wear. It is important to read the instructions on the back to use the chemical discharge cleaner safely. When opening the bottle and pouring chemicals into the sewer, be careful not to spill chemical cleaners.

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