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What are the materials of the linear floor drain? Is it easy to install? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 30, 2021

Linear floor drain material

Stainless steel: moderate price, beautiful and durable. Copper alloy: beautiful and practical type, moderate price. Brass: The price is higher, and the quality is high-end. Cast aluminum: mid-range price, light weight, rougher. Zinc alloy: price

The linear floor drain is relatively easy to install, and the overall long strip design requires only double-sided or single-sided tilt during installation, which is convenient for tile laying. It can be installed horizontally (height 0mm) and firmly on the ground. linear drain Taking a bathroom of 4 square meters as an example, the traditional floor drain paving tiles must be inclined higher than the middle floor drain on all sides, and it takes at least 6 working hours. The linear floor drain only needs 3.6 man-hours, which can greatly save man-hours.

Linear floor drains are used in various scenarios. The original floor drains are not only square and round. If the bathroom is equipped with a large overhead shower, the linear floor drain can solve the problem of water speed.

The advantage of linear floor drain one:

Quick drainage function, large drainage area, more thorough drainage in the same direction. The dry and wet separation function does not need to be blocked by the stone base and becomes a barrier-free passage.

The second advantage of linear floor drain:

The filter function, linear design, can block all kinds of dirt such as hair, fiber, and no longer block. Decorative function, stainless steel material, more durable to use, increase the beauty of the indoor space.

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