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What are the floor drain materials? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jun 25, 2021

For floor drains, although the volume is small, it has a great effect. With the continuous improvement of bathroom products, more and more materials are used for floor drains. Before purchasing floor drains, consumers must understand the materials of floor drains and choose the most suitable floor drain. What are the floor drain materials?

Brand floor drains mainly use cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass and other materials.

1. Cast iron: cheap, rusty quickly, easy to hang dirt, difficult to clean, unsightly, except for some outdoor public places, now it is rarely used indoors.

2. PVC: cheap, light weight, poor physical properties, linear drain factory greatly affected by temperature, not resistant to scratches and impacts, low-grade, and unsightly.

3. Zinc alloy: cheap, chrome-plated on the surface, lighter than copper, easy to corrode, and not long life. What materials do you choose for brand floor drains? Many JS use it as a brass floor drain, and large supermarkets do not sell such products.

4. Aluminum alloy: the price is mid-range, the weight is very light, the surface is rough, the grade is not obvious, the situation is awkward, and it is not used much.

5. Stainless steel: moderate price, beautiful appearance. However, due to the different materials used by the manufacturers, the appearance and life are different, and the prices are also very different: 304 stainless steel (containing 8% nickel [nickel, a kind of precious metal, the international market price has increased greatly recently, the more nickel content, the more rust-proof The better the effect]), 201 stainless steel (containing 1% nickel), 430 stainless iron (without nickel), the latter two months will produce rust spots.

6. Brass: precious metal, heavy in quality, and the price has risen sharply in the past two years. The surface can be treated with a variety of processes, such as chrome plating, nickel plating, gold plating, antique copper, etc., luxurious and high-end. The price of products on the market varies greatly, mainly due to the copper content of the materials used, the surface electroplating treatment process and the overall material consumption. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use miscellaneous copper (with less than 50% copper content) to produce, and only two layers of electroplating on the surface, resulting in a decrease in product wear and corrosion resistance.

7. Weather-resistant engineering materials. For reasons such as poor corrosion resistance of metals and poor physical properties of pvc materials, there are now some new types of floor drains that use weather-resistant engineering materials, whose strength and toughness can meet the requirements of the same life as buildings. In recent years This kind of material is used for building pipes, etc., so there is no need to worry about corrosion and fracture when buried in the building. And weather-resistant engineering materials are extremely plastic, and the main body can be greatly improved.

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