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What are the common floor drains on the market Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 02, 2020

Generally speaking, the most common types of floor drains on the market are: water-sealed floor drains, T-shaped floor drains, and self-sealing floor drains.

The deep-sealed floor drain has a very good deodorizing effect. Generally, the principle of the water-sealed floor drain is to use water as a material to block the anti-odor of the sewer. The water-sealed floor drain has a water trap because brass floor drain of the U-shaped shape, so the drainage speed is not as good as the T-shaped floor drain and the flap is self-sealing Floor drain. In addition, the deodorant effect of the water seal floor drain is good because water is used as a material to block the anti-odor, so as long as there is water, the deodorant effect can be guaranteed, but if the water in the water seal is dry, the water seal floor drain will deodorize. At present, the more common water-seal floor drains include inverted bell-type water-seal floor drains, eccentric water-seal floor drains and semi-open water-seal floor drains.
Water seal floor drain

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Self-sealing floor drains usually use gravity to open automatically when there is water, and close and close when there is no water. Common self-sealing floor drains on the market include flip floor drains, spring floor drains, magnet floor drains, float floor drains and duckbill floor drains. The self-sealing floor drain of the flip board is more balanced in all aspects of deodorization, anti-clogging, insect control, drainage speed, etc. In addition, the installation depth of this type of floor drain is relatively shallow, suitable for most families, and the plastic material core is not easy to oxidize and is very durable .
Self-styled floor drain

Strictly speaking, the T-type floor drain is actually a kind of self-sealing floor drain. Generally, copper cores are mainly on the market, but because the copper core is heavier than the plastic core, the drainage effect of the plastic material self-sealing core is better in terms of drainage sensitivity. Because of the shape of the T-shaped, the T-shaped floor drain has no water storage and has a fast launching speed. There will be no deodorization or insect protection in the dry water storage, but because the self-styled is a mechanical device, once the device has a deodorization function Malfunctioned.
T type floor drain

Finally, let's talk about what kind of floor drain is suitable for what kind of environment. Generally speaking, there are three places in the family, the bathroom, the kitchen and the balcony. Because the bathroom often takes the role of bathing in daily life, because of the frequent use of water and the large drainage area, it is safe to seal the floor drain with water, and it is not easy to fail. However, it should be noted that the water seal floor drain of the bathroom should be installed with a deep water seal, so that the deodorizing effect is better. Balconies and kitchens use less water and are generally used for temporary drainage, suitable for installing self-sealing floor drains. In addition, the washing machine should be installed with a dedicated washing machine floor drain with rotation control, which can be closed when not in use.
Floor drain for washing machine

To sum up, the water-sealed floor drain has a good deodorizing effect in the case of commonly used water, but the drainage is relatively slow, the self-sealing floor drain with a flip cover drains quickly, and there is a potential risk of mechanical device failure. As for cleaning, you can choose the floor drain that is easy to access. If you clean it frequently, there will be no blockage.

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