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What are the characteristics of stainless steel floor drains Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 08, 2021

The purchase of floor drains is related to the normal drainage and deodorization, so the material of the floor drain is very important, of which stainless steel floor drains are the vast majority of choices. So what are the characteristics of stainless steel floor drains?
Features of stainless steel floor drain:
1. Good mechanical properties
The tensile strength of stainless steel made of the material used is greater than 530 N/mm, which is twice that of galvanized pipes, 3-4 times that of copper pipes, and 8-10 times that of PPR pipes, and has good ductility and toughness.
2. Wear resistance
Stainless steel floor drain pipes can withstand high-speed water erosion up to 30 m/s. Diversion stainless steel pipes used in high-head power stations have a water speed of 60 m/s at the end of the nozzle and still have a service life of more than 100 years.
3. Corrosion resistance
The thin and dense chromium-rich oxide film on the surface makes the stainless steel water pipes have good corrosion resistance in water including soft water, even if they are buried in the ground, they have excellent corrosion resistance.
4. Temperature resistance
The stainless steel pipe can work safely for a long time at a temperature of -270℃-400℃, no matter it is high temperature or low temperature, no harmful substances will be precipitated, and the material performance is quite stable.
5. The inner wall is smooth and the water resistance is small
The sanitary stainless steel water pipe has a smooth inner wall and low water resistance. At low flow rates, the water resistance is only 2/5 of that of carbon steel pipes, which reduces pressure loss and transportation costs, and is hygienic, not easy to be stained by bacteria, and not fouled.
6. Good heat preservation performance
The heat preservation performance of stainless steel floor drain pipes is 24 times that of copper pipes, which reduces heat loss and is suitable for hot water transportation.

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