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What are the advantages of stainless steel linear cover drainage Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 29, 2020

The slot drainage ditch is to leave only a narrow drainage gap on the pavement surface, the effect is relatively hidden and beautiful, and it is very popular for many owners when doing the ground drainage of the square. There are already many places in China that have adopted the slot drainage ditch. .

Slotted drainage ditch is a combined drainage ditch system, which is a different series of linear drain China prefabricated in the factory, which are directly transported to the construction site for connection and installation, which is simple and convenient. Its materials are resin concrete grooves and stainless steel slotted cover plates. It has high compressive strength and bending strength; corrosion resistance and long life; good water tightness, will not freeze-thaw and crack at low temperature; smooth inner wall surface, good drainage effect, not easy Hang garbage and dirt; the construction is simple, install directly after the on-site line is laid.

W70 SERIES linear drains

Resin concrete drainage ditch has the advantage of strong stability. Longkang further enhances the core competitiveness of high-quality resin concrete drainage ditch in the field of linear drainage ditch through extensive synergistic effects in the development and production management of resin concrete drainage ditch.

The resin concrete linear drainage ditch has linear and continuous water interception, and the drainage efficiency is very high; in terms of installation and maintenance, the construction ditch depth is shallow; the slope finding is simple and easy to construct; the installation and construction speed is fast, which can ensure the construction period; it can effectively reduce the buried pipeline Due to the rainwater collection grate of the linear drainage system and the ground, it is very easy to clean up debris and normal maintenance.

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