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How to transform the water pipe under the balcony Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 06, 2021


In fact, no matter the size of ordinary houses, there are usually one or two balconies, one of which can be used as a living balcony to dry clothes and place some sundries. Today, the editor wants to introduce you to the relevant knowledge of the balcony and see how to transform the water pipe under the balcony.

The first method: first knock off the balcony drain along the surrounding leveling layer, and carefully punch out the floor drain. Then add a tee to the floor drain. Then according to hope, in charge of different directions. This approach has a premise, that is, the height of the balcony floor is much lower than that of the home hall. There is a ridge on the balcony shuttle door. In this way, when the balcony is tiled in the future, the sewer pipe can be covered without exceeding the height of the living room. Of course, the drain pipe of the balcony should also be slotted, and try to make the drain pipe close to the ground.

The second method: If the height of the balcony floor is not very different from the floor of the living room, especially the height of the shuttle door of the balcony. At this time, only PVC40 can be used for the downpipe of the balcony. Punch out the floor drain first, and make a groove in the ground. In this way, the height of the ground is much smaller with a 40-size sewer pipe. This method is also used by many people. Basically, it will not affect the later check-in and use.

Of course, the later waterproofing is still very important. It is mainly the place where the floor drain is changed, and the other places are not problematic.

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