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How to replace the floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 16, 2021

The floor drain is connected to the sewer and is the seal of the sewer. Don't think it is just a small place, but if it is not handled properly, it will cause a lot of trouble. It will not only cost money but also energy. However, the floor drain has been used for a long time, and it is inevitable to replace it. How to replace the floor drain?
1. Before changing the floor drain, you must be optimistic about the panel and size of the old floor drain you are currently using, that is, the specifications and models. Generally, the 10*10cm square is the most used at home, but it does not rule out that some houses are equipped with around 12cm model. As for the following size of the water pipe, the diameter of the downpipe of the general residential house is 50 pipes, that is, the diameter is 50mm. The floor drains of the general manufacturers meet this requirement, and this is not considered. The panel size of the new floor drain must be the same as the size of the old floor drain.
2. Use a screwdriver or other tools to slowly separate the panel and tile joints of the old floor drain, then the old floor drain can be removed.
3. Be sure to take out the anti-odor core before installing the four-proof floor drain, because if you don't take it out and install it directly, it is possible to put cement sand and other sundries into the core, which will affect the use effect.
4. Align the four-drain-proof panel and the ceramic tile, pay attention to the height not higher than the ceramic tile, smear glass glue or white cement around, and dry it.
5. Finally, install a four-floor leak-proof deodorant core, put it on the grate and you can use it normally. Generally, after using it for about a month, you can take the deodorant core out and wash it in water. The effect will be better if you continue to use it.

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