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How to make balcony be beautiful and practical by balcony drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 07, 2020

As an extension of the house, the balcony can be used as a small garden for growing flowers and grass, and can also be transformed into various functional areas, such as study rooms, bathrooms, leisure areas, etc. However, no matter how it is transformed, drainage is the most important issue. Because once the balcony drain factory is not good, this balcony will face the tragedy of "viewing the sea from the shore". First of all, the balcony may be closed or unclosed according to everyone's preference, so there are two types of open balcony and closed balcony.

The drainage of the enclosed balcony is mainly reflected in the drainage of the sewer pipe. It is relatively simple. Because there is generally no rainwater floating in, it is sufficient to install a sewer pipe directly and connect it to the entire sewer pipe. Pay attention to the laying of the sewer pipe: The ether is too bent, otherwise it will affect the drainage. After the completion, a drainage test must be done to avoid poor drainage and overflow in the later use.

Because it is open, it is easy for rainwater to enter the balcony in heavy rain. It is also easy to overflow when watering, so drainage is important. If the drainage is not smooth, the balcony floor is submerged. , Severe rain water will enter the room. Therefore, for this type of balcony, you must first start with the ground. It is generally recommended to design a certain slope on the ground to help water drainage; the slope design is preferably 1%, the main purpose is to allow it to flow smoothly into the drainage hole Without flowing into the room.

Of course, only a slope design is not enough. If the floor of the balcony is not lower than the height of the indoor floor of 3-5cm, it is also necessary to install a water retaining strip to prevent the "water overflowing the golden mountain". .
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The last thing to pay attention to is the floor drain. It is necessary to know that the floor drain is a "good hand" for drainage. In order to prevent emergencies in special weather, such as rainstorms and typhoons, we try to choose non-odor-proof, large drainage floor drains on the balcony.

When selecting, the quality of floor drains must be strictly checked. Floor drains on the market are mainly divided into three types: stainless steel floor drains, pvc floor drains and all-copper floor drains. Since the floor drain is buried below the ground and requires a good seal, it cannot be replaced frequently. Once installed, it is very troublesome to repair. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate material. The copper floor drain has relatively good performance.

Finally, if you want to place a washing machine, washing tank and floor drain on the balcony. It is recommended to choose an oblique tee for the drain pipe, so that there is no return of water. At the same time, the nozzle should be protected to prevent foreign objects from falling into the submerged bay and causing blockage. There is also a small detail that needs attention. If the entire drain pipe and the outlet have a slope of 5 degrees, it is more conducive to drainage!

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