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How to maintain the old floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 17, 2020

How to maintain the old floor drain

Many old-fashioned linear drain will feel slower and slower after being used for a period of time. This is because a large number of impurities in the sewage are attached to the trap. If it is not cleaned frequently, it will cause poor water flow. But the old-fashioned deep-water sealed floor drain is very difficult to clean. The method introduced by the editor is to buy a slender screwdriver and bend the head over, just like the fire hook used to stoke the stove. Regularly dig it in the water-sealed groove, usually A lot of hair, but small impurities are not easy to clean out. Generally, you need to use a small spoon to dig it out, or use a shower to rinse it.

The floor drain with the removable floor drain core is easier to clean. The floor drain only needs to be rotated counterclockwise to take out the floor drain core, then rinsed vigorously in clean water a few times, and then press it clockwise. According to different usage conditions, it is generally cleaned every 20 to 60 days. Some built-in water-sealed floor drains have strong self-cleaning ability, and the floor drain core is also very convenient to remove and clean.

Generally, the floor drain in the bathroom leaks, mainly because the floor drain and the sewer pipe connection are not installed tightly, and there is water leakage. The solution can be to open the floor tiles around the floor drain, dig out the surrounding cement to a depth of 3cm, use a rigid material such as plugging spirit to paint the junction of the pipe wall and the cement layer for partial waterproofing, and do a closed water test if it is dry. Water can be restored to its original state.

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