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How to maintain the floor drain after installation Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 01, 2021

If the floor drain is not properly maintained after installation, it will affect the odor-resistant function of the floor drain. If the water-sealed floor drain is not practical for a long time, it will dry up the water in the trap, which will make the floor drain’s odor-resistant ability. Getting worse. If the impurities and dirt in the floor drain are not cleaned up in time, the floor drain will be blocked and affect its normal drainage and taste.
If it is a water-sealed floor drain that has such a problem, it is necessary to prevent the water-sealing from drying out in daily use, and it is necessary to regularly pour water into the trap to ensure its normal use. If there is no one in the home for a long time, you can cover the floor drain with a lid, which can reduce the evaporation of water, and also make it have a sealing effect. When you use it again, you don't need to worry about unpleasant smell.
However, if it is a self-sealing floor drain, its sealing effect is only offensive. It is usually caused by the use of springs and magnets. The spring is used for a little longer, and the elasticity will be affected. The iron is adsorbed, which weakens its magnetism and affects its normal use. Therefore, the home needs to check the floor drain regularly to ensure that it can be used normally. If there is any problem, repair and replace it in time to ensure its normal operation. Although the floor drain is a relatively small thing, it occupies a very important position in the home use. In order to prevent our lives from being affected by the odor, we should pay attention to its use and maintenance daily.
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