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How to install the floor drain in four simple steps Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 25, 2020

How to install the floor drain in four simple steps

Floor drain is one of our essential main materials. Its use not only makes the kitchen and bathroom more convenient to use, but also makes our living environment fresher and cleaner. Maybe some owners think that we only need to buy a good-quality floor drain, but this is not the case. The use of the floor drain depends on quality and installation. If you do not pay attention to the installation of the floor drain, it is easy to block the drain pipe. linear shower drain factory What is the correct way to install the floor drain?

1. Before installation, we need to prepare the floor drain, and check whether it is brand new, whether it is damaged, and whether the accessories are complete; then we have to check the inside of the drain pipe to see if there are stains on the pipe mouth, and whether there is grit or soil inside the pipe If there is, we have to clean them up in time, and then wrap the drain pipe with a rag, so as to prevent debris and garbage from falling into the drain pipe. If the drain pipe is too close to the ground, we should cut the drain pipe appropriately so that the panel after the floor drain is installed slightly below the ground.

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2. Since its installation is to be carried out at the same time as the floor tiles, we can prepare for laying the floor tiles and installing the floor drain after the ground waterproofing is completed. The installation of the floor drain is actually not difficult. Before installation, we have to choose a floor drain of the corresponding size, smear the back of the floor drain with cement, aim at the drain, and then cover the floor drain panel.

3. When constructing on the ground, we must reserve a place for the floor drain in advance to wait for installation, and we must ensure that the location of the floor drain is lower than the height of the surrounding floor tiles, which is what we often call flowing water slope treatment. The general treatment method is to place the floor drain on the installation pipe and then measure it to determine the tile cutting size. Then cut the tiles, then fix the floor drain, and pave the cut tiles around the floor drain to form a drainage slope.

4. After it is installed, we need to use a specific adhesive to fix it and glue it together with the floor tiles. Only in this way can it have a long service life and ensure that the odor of the sewer pipe cannot be emitted through the gap. After that, we need to accept the installation of the floor drain, and check whether there is any sundries in the water pipe, so as not to affect the normal use of the floor drain.

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