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How to install the cover for the embedded part of the bathroom floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 22, 2022

 The floor drain is the place where the ground drainage is concentrated, and it is easy to cause leakage, and the cast iron floor drain has a small bottom and is in contact with the concrete on the outer surface. Due to the shrinkage of the concrete, cracks are likely to occur, resulting in water seepage around the floor drain. The ground floor should generally be on the floor. Reserve holes, and then install the floor drain. After the floor drain is installed and fixed, detailed waterproofing should be done.
Bathroom waterproof project, bathroom floor drain details waterproof practice:
1. Determine the level of the floor drain, install the fixed cushion, find the slope, lay the leveling layer, seal the waterproof additional layer around the floor drain, and lay the waterproof layer for the water storage test. Lay the surface layer and place the floor drain grate;
2. After the floor drain and the riser are installed and fixed, clean up the concrete and stones around the hole, then support the formwork at the bottom of the slab, water it to moisten it, pour C20 fine stone concrete mixed with expansion agent, and tamp it, seal it tightly, wipe it flat;
3. Find the slope and retain the groove: find the slope on the ground, find a slope of 1%~2% from the leveling layer to the floor drain, the drainage slope of 50mm outward from the side of the floor drain is 3%~5%, and leave a 20mm×20mm groove around the upper opening of the floor drain.
4. Filling the groove coating: the grooves around the upper opening of the floor drain should be tightly embedded with sealing materials, and then a waterproof additional layer of coating film with carcass reinforcement material should be laid. The depth of the additional coating film extending into the floor drain cup mouth should not be less than 50mm, and then apply the waterproof paint according to the design requirements;
5. Water storage test: do a good job of water storage test, and observe that there is no leakage as qualified;
6. Waterproof tray: In order to solve the problem of water leakage around the floor drain due to the small bottom of the cast iron floor drain and the poor combination with concrete, a waterproof tray can be added at the place where the water leaks to improve the waterproof quality of the floor drain.

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