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How to deal with a clogged shower drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 13, 2020

How to deal with a clogged shower drain

The shower drains become clogged due to the buildup of limescale, soap residue or usually hair clots. Each method described below can help clear the shower drain. If the first method does not work, try the following methods.

Look inside the drain pipe with a flashlight. Most obstacles are caused by hair accumulation. If a lot of hair is stuck near the drain, you can remove it by hand.

If the obstacle is caused by a larger object stuck in the drain, maybe you should contact a plumber because you cannot easily remove the solid object with temporary tools.

Put the suction cup on the drain, operate the suction cup, and operate the suction cup by pressing the handle 5-10 times. It may remove the blockage under pressure, or suck the debris into the upper part, which can be removed with iron wire. Pour water into the drain pipe and check whether the obstruction is completely removed.

It is cheap to unblock the chain manually. Insert the hose into the drain pipe. Stop if you feel resistance: you should reach the obstacle. Turn the hose handle clockwise. Continue to turn the handle while pulling out the hose. The debris blocking the drain pipe will be carried out by the dredge chain.

Use chemicals to corrode debris. Before using more aggressive chemicals, you can try to use ordinary chemicals. The shower drain is clogged, mostly hair. Dissolve them chemically.

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