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How to choose the best linear shower drainage floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 15, 2020

For most people, after a day of work, they want to go home and take a shower, so the bathroom is very important to us. In order to ensure that the bathroom is clean and tidy, the choice of drain is very important.

The following points will help you choose the best linear shower drain.

Is the linear shower drain best for your bathroom?

The size of the linear shower drain is 24 inches to 60 inches. Their shape means they can be fixed on the shower wall. Similarly, their size allows designers and architects to choose larger floor tiles. The linear drain also looks fresh and elegant. Perhaps for this reason, their popularity is growing rapidly!

We found that the use of linear shower drains is becoming very popular. Linear drains are much better than traditional pipes, because contractors and designers spend a little time on installation.

W85 SERIES linear drains

Typical conventional pipes are usually installed with two densely installed concrete floors. This process takes about eight to ten hours. However, for linear shower drains, the installation process only takes one hour. You have saved nearly 9 hours!

What should I look for when choosing the best linear shower drain?

An important factor to consider before purchasing any linear drain is the cleaning and maintenance process. Is your linear shower drain too clogged? When looking for a linear drain, make sure it has a removable basket to collect solid matter that may be clogged. By doing this, you can avoid clogging.

In addition, it is wise to choose a drain pipe that is easy to install. The reason for this is to prevent poor installation or increased costs when hiring a professional plumber to install the linear shower drain. The TRUE-LINE linear drain is a good example of an easy-to-install linear shower drain.

And whether it is safe or not, each of us hopes that we and our family have the best. Similarly, we are all eager to live a long and healthy life. Therefore, choosing the safest linear shower drain is a key point to always remember when buying. Make sure that the product you buy has the correct drainage filter. This means that the water will not flood your bathroom and cause the ground to slip.

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