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How to choose slot drainage and combined drainage Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 30, 2021

Whether it is around the curtain wall of the building or around the square, the drainage ditch is often designed by us. Since there is nothing special, the real effect is often overlooked by us. In fact, there is plenty to do in the small drainage ditch! The drainage ditch cover board not only has the function of drainage, if some ideas and creativity are added, it can also reflect the effect of art and add another feeling to the floor paving.

Gap drainage is to leave only a 15-20 mm gap on the pavement surface. The effect is relatively hidden linear shower drain and beautiful. It is used as a form of ground drainage for many designers when designing pedestrian streets. I have seen the use of slit drainage in pedestrian streets in many places in China, such as Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Pedestrian Street in Chengdu, Heping Road Commercial Street in Tianjin, and Gulou Commercial Street in Tianjin.

However, if only the surface form of the gap is adopted without too much consideration of the details of the design, then the form of the gap will not reflect the desired effect, but will reflect a crude effect and reduce the overall floor paving effect Up grade.

The combined drainage ditch is a system. Simply put, it is a different series of products prefabricated by the factory, including drainage ditch of different sizes, "dropping tank" similar to a water well, and various accessories. It can be used like building blocks during on-site construction. A new product that is directly combined and sealed.

The cover plate on this kind of drainage ditch is actually connected to the ditch body itself, which can avoid looseness and noise. In fact, when we walk through most of the drainage ditch, there will be noise, mainly because the grate and the ditch body are not connected. This is a problem that is often overlooked by everyone.

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