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How to avoid wrong installation of floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 09, 2021

In the construction of the bathroom, the location of the floor drain is always ignored. Some people did not consider the location of the floor drain, which caused frequent water accumulation in the toilet; Inconvenient cleaning.

1. Don't put it in the gap

The bathroom is not big, and it is necessary to put a wash basin, a toilet, and a bathtub. Where the floor drain is placed is really particular;

I remember a friend of mine before. The floor drain at home was placed in the crevice of the wall. She told me that it was for beauty... But after a long time, she found out that she had to squat down and bend down every time she cleaned it. Just wipe the stains and hair on the floor drain.

Therefore, before the floor drain is installed, it is necessary to carefully plan its location and stay away from the gap!

2. Don't put the tiles in the middle

The floor drain slot should be avoided in the middle of the brick body, because sometimes if the tile itself is not flat, the middle is higher, and the floor drain is prone to water accumulation in the middle. This is very important, so be careful.

It is best to be at the four corners of the tiles, so that the floor drain will generally be at the lowest position to facilitate drainage.

3. Don't be too close to the bathroom door

The drain slope of the bathroom is usually placed in the corner of the bathroom, but there are many strange designs that are placed very close to the bathroom door, so that the floor drain is also very close to the door.

The disadvantage of this is that it is easy to splash water on the tile or wooden floor outside the bathroom, and easy to slip and corrode the wooden floor are not what we want to see. Secondly, the glass glue is easy to corrode the door frame. It is almost inevitable for a long time to become moldy, and it is very troublesome to dismantle and replace it.

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