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Factors and precautions affecting the service life of floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 17, 2021

Floor drains are widely used in the bathrooms of various households. Although the floor drains are not conspicuous, they are very useful and are essential hardware accessories in the home. In the bathroom space, the role of the floor drain is the most obvious. If the floor drain fails, the entire bathroom or the entire bathroom may be flooded. Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to how to choose a floor drain?

Floor drain, everyone is not unfamiliar. It is a small drainage device that plays a pivotal role. It is usually placed in places with water, such as bathrooms, cooking areas, balconies, etc. Many families have problems with the smell, water return, and blockage of the sewage pipes because the floor drain is not well selected. 80% of the people do not know that the floor drain in the bathroom determines the service life of the bathroom!

How to choose the floor drain for the bathroom?

1. Deep water seal floor drain

It can be seen literally that it is a deep-water type with a diameter distance of about 38 mm, while a common sewer pipe has a diameter distance of 50 mm, which has good airtightness and deodorization; however, the drain hole is away from the sewer. Too close the pipe wall will cause water resistance, so its disadvantage is that the drainage effect is not good, and the water flow rate is slow. In order to overcome the above drawbacks, many manufacturers increase the water seal. Tests have proved that the water flow is very fast, and even the sand can be washed away quickly. However, for a long time, some impurities such as hair are easy to adhere to the bottom of the trap and cannot be cleaned. The drainage of the channel is not smooth, and it cannot be installed in places where the pipeline is laid shallow. Therefore, when purchasing this type of floor drain, you should first look at whether the height of the drain pipe can be installed with an extended floor drain.

2. Self-styled floor drain

It is a type of floor drain that consciously opens and operates with the help of the gravity of the stagnant water. When there is no water, it is in a tightly closed state. The overall design is more humane, but it also has shortcomings, such as easy to be blocked by hair and not long life. In addition, the sealing cover is easy to be stained, resulting in improper closing, causing air leakage and not deodorizing.

3. Buckle the cup water to seal the floor drain

There is a raised piece on the back of this product, which forms a water seal with the unique internal structure to achieve a certain deodorant effect. However, the water seal is relatively shallow, only 0.5 mm, so there is pressure when flushing upstairs. It will bring back the peculiar smell of the pipe, and at the same time it will not be able to drain due to the clogging of the hair.

What are the precautions for the choice of bathroom floor drain?

1. Pay attention to the size of the floor drain

Real estate agents will reserve larger drainage holes when repairing the house. Generally speaking, the decoration workers will modify the size of the drainage holes, but there is no certain standard for the size of the drainage holes modified in this way, and the floor drains on the market are all Standard size.

2. Pay attention to the opening size of the floor drain grate

The hole diameter of the floor drain grate is preferably 6-8mm. If it is larger than this diameter, it is easy for hair, sludge and other things to enter the sewer from the floor drain, which will block the sewer and cause serious trouble.

3. Carefully check the material of the floor drain

Since the floor drain is buried below the ground and will be sealed with cement after the decoration is completed, it is very troublesome to replace the floor drain, so you must choose a good material floor drain. At present, floor drains on the market are mainly divided into stainless steel floor drains, pvc floor drains and all-copper floor drains in terms of materials.

4. Pay attention to the anti-odor function of the floor drain

If the floor drain is not well selected, it is easy to return to odor and bring trouble to family life. Therefore, consumers must check whether the floor drain has an anti-odor function when choosing a floor drain.

How to install the bathroom floor drain?

1. Prepare the floor drain in advance according to the diameter of the sewer pipe

The first is a procurement process, not blindly going to the market, so it is easy to make mistakes, and it is troublesome to exchange. We should know the diameter of the drain pipe in advance. At present, it is generally 50 PVC pipes. If it is cast iron, the diameter of the drain pipe should be larger. The diameter of the drain pipe should be matched with the diameter of the PVC pipe. Some of them will be repaired during decoration, so the drain should be made according to the size of the floor drain. It is not recommended to repair the drain first before purchasing the floor drain.

2. Where to install the floor drain

Before installation, we also need to determine the location of the placement, so that it is convenient to leave some slope to the place when laying tiles, and the location of the floor drain is best to be on the edge of the tile, if it is in the middle of the tile, it is not conducive to drain.

3. The connection between the floor drain and the drain

Usually it comes with a small section of pipe, just put it into the drain pipe, and then aim the floor drain core at the drain, and apply a layer of cement to basically no problem. If the floor drain will sway back and forth, or there are gaps, it is easy to leak. Therefore, pay special attention to the bonding and sealing of the floor drain and the sewer pipe. It can be sealed with a professional adhesive or glass glue.

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