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Do you know the reason why you should no longer install a round floor drain in the bathroom? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 23, 2021

House renovation is a major event. In fact, the most obvious clue is from the bathroom. Why is the bathroom, not the living room and bedroom? Because the bathroom is a relatively private place in the room, it is not exposed to outsiders, brass floor drain and it is not necessarily so particular when decorating. Therefore, if the bathroom is well decorated, the overall decoration is absolutely not bad. In the bathroom, the decoration of the bathroom has become a difficult point in many people's minds, because the water flow is relatively large when taking a bath. If the drainage is not timely, it is very likely that the water will overflow, and then the bathroom will be "submerged" by the Golden Mountain, which may infiltrate downstairs and cause unnecessary trouble.

Floor drains are generally used in the decoration of bathrooms at home. However, compared with the floor area of ​​the bathroom, the diameter of the floor drain is smaller than the diameter. Although there are filter holes for filtering sundries such as hair and silk, it is easy to cause hair to block the filter holes. If it is not cleaned in time, the water in the bathroom will accumulate quickly when bathing. Very inconvenient. Moreover, cleaning the hair on the floor drain is very troublesome, the diameter is small, and the water launch speed is slow, which is very inconvenient.

Don't worry, there is a drainage device, which not only launches the water faster, but also is not easy to be blocked and easier to clean. Veteran workers always install this way. It is a long sink, often used in public bathrooms. Strictly speaking, it can be regarded as a kind of floor drain, but it has an extra layer of water filter device than floor drain.

First of all, the gap of the filter strip above the sink is larger than the floor drain, which can block hair and other sundries, and does not block the water flow. The launching speed is faster than the floor drain. Secondly, there is a layer of water filtering and deodorizing device under the filter rod. The principle here is similar to that of the floor drain, but after the first layer of filter strip is filtered, there will not be too much debris here, so it will not affect the water speed.

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