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Can the sink in the bathroom share a floor drain with the washing machine? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 27, 2020

I believe many people have doubts about this problem. Can the bathroom sink and the washing machine share a floor drain? In fact, the floor drain is used for drainage. Usage habits, etc.

       First of all, the floor drain of the washing machine should be reserved exclusively for the drainage of the washing machine, and the design may only consider the drainage of the washing machine. However, in view of the fact that the sink drain pipe and washing machine are not pressure-type drainage and sewage, therefore, the problem of rupture of the sewage pipe due to pressure can be eliminated. At present, the mainstream of the market is PVC pipe and DWV sewage ABS pipe. More pressure-resistant, impact-resistant and durable.

SQA-343 square floor drain

       Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the pipe diameter, the pipe diameter is different, and the drainage volume is also different. If the drainage pipe is too small, in addition, the use habits of the wash basin cause foreign matter and impurities to enter, which may cause the sewage pipe to block and cause toilet leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the usual habits of using wash basins, otherwise it may lead to an increased chance of clogging.

       Based on the above two points, it is necessary to make the right choice according to your own usage habits and frequency of use. If you have good habits and the diameter of the drainage pipe is large enough, the material is better. There is no problem sharing one. If the pipe diameter is small and the material is poor, the landlord is advised to be cautious. It is troublesome to block and unblock the sewer pipes.

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