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How to install bathroom floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 28, 2020

How to install bathroom floor drain

The problem of odor returning from toilet drain pipes is very common. Under normal circumstances, it is caused by floor drains. In some floor drains, there will be problems such as sewage overflow and breeding of small insects. recessed linear drain If the water seal of the floor drain fails, there will be no barrier between the sewer and the indoor space, and the odor and toxic and harmful gases will overflow along the pipe and be distributed in the room. How to install the floor drain correctly?
1. Remove the original floor drain and cut it with a cutting machine at a suitable position between the floor drain and the floor tiles; 2. Spraying water during the cutting process can better complete the cutting straight line;
3. After the cutting is completed, hit the floor drain and the cut part with a hammer to loosen the floor drain and the floor tiles. This makes it easier to remove the floor drain that needs to be replaced;
4. After removing the floor drain, you will find a lot of debris attached to the floor drain, which is the culprit that causes the toilet to drain unsmoothly and to have odor;
5. Throw the floor drain aside, and then find a rag to plug the sewer channel. Be sure to stop it tightly, mainly to prevent cement, sand, etc. from falling into the groove when cleaning the groove and avoid blocking the sewer pipe;
6. Clean up sand, cement and other debris;
7. After cleaning, take out the rag and put in a new floor drain to check whether the floor drain is suitable;
8. If there is no problem, take out an appropriate amount of anti-seepage material and stir evenly;
9. Apply the evenly stirred waterproof material to the groove and the periphery of the new floor drain;
10. Put the floor drain into the groove, and note that the groove is about 1 mm lower than the surrounding floor tiles;
11. After waiting for about 10 minutes, put the filter shaft dipped in water into the floor drain base and rotate it appropriately to fully combine the silica gel around the filter shaft with the base;
12. Put on the filter and the floor drain is installed. Don’t forget to clean the floor drain.

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