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What's the difference between slot drains and point drains Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 17, 2022

A well-engineered linear drainage ditch system should be able to quickly remove sewage and prevent water accumulation, so at this time, a linear drainage ditch plays an important role! Resin concrete linear drainage ditch has high drainage efficiency and is not easy to detect. , It is especially suitable for landscape design or slate square and pedestrian areas. It does not affect the aesthetic effect of ground paving and can be harmoniously combined with all ground materials to carry out beautiful design for artificial ground, and the linear look and feel is neat and unified, whether it is a square pedestrian street. Or the design of the garden landscape can be unified and coordinated, and the green area can be appropriately increased.
Although the utilization rate of slot drainage ditches is high, the point drainage ditch as another new product also has good drainage efficiency, but there are actually some differences between these two products.

1. Different drainage efficiency
As we all know, the stainless steel slot drainage ditch is a linear fence drainage ditch designed by a series of precise planning, while the point drainage is a small drainage outlet, so the linear drainage ditch can achieve continuous water interception and have more extraordinary drainage efficiency; Due to the small opening of the ditch, the single water conveying capacity has certain limitations. Therefore, the water conveying capacity of the point drainage intersecting with the stainless steel slot drainage ditch is quite different.

2. Later maintenance costs are different
It is well known that the complete range of stainless steel slot drainage ditches has the characteristics of an open water intake, so in the long-term use, if there is a waste blockage, it is easier to clean and maintain; while the point drainage system has smaller openings, it may lead to poor drainage. The connection between the pipeline and the linear drainage channel is relatively narrow, so the cleaning cost that needs to be invested after the blockage is higher.
The perfection of the urban drainage system plays an important role in the development of the city. Only high-quality drainage ditches can ensure smoother drainage and avoid the trauma caused by heavy rain to the city as much as possible.


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