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What kind of floor drain material is good?How to choose a floor drain? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 25, 2021

There are six types of floor drains: stainless steel, PVC floor drain, cast iron floor drain, zinc alloy floor drain, cast aluminum floor drain and ceramic floor drain. Let's take a look at their characteristics! 1. The stainless steel floor drain was very popular in the past few years because of its beautiful appearance. However, according to relevant professionals, the cost of stainless steel is high, and the coating is thin, so rust will not be avoided after a few years; 2. The price of PVC floor drain It is cheap and has good deodorizing effect, but the material is too brittle and easy to age, especially in the north of the winter, the temperature is low, and it will need to be replaced after a long time, so the market is not optimistic; 3. Cast iron: the price is cheap, and it has been used in early my country. Easy to rust, hang dirt, difficult to clean, unsightly, inconvenient for transportation and installation, it is rarely used; 4. Zinc alloy: cheap, lighter than copper, not corrosion resistant, many businesses use it as a brass floor drain , Large supermarkets refused to enter; Cast aluminum: mid-range price, very light weight, rough surface, not obvious grade, not much use; 5. Cast aluminum: mid-range price, light weight, rougher; 6. Ceramic: cheap and durable Corrosion, not impact resistant.

Material selection:
High-quality environmental protection material, body-brass, sealing body-high-quality ABS (engineering plastic)
Anti-reflow (fast launching speed): toilet drainage standard 1.15L/S; washing machine drainage standard 1.3L/S.
Deodorant, pest control (good sealing):
a. Use high water seal to prevent odor. If the height of the water seal is less than 2cm, the floor drain water seal layer will easily dry up, and the odor in the drainage pipe will easily overflow into the room.
b. Straight-through gasket is odor-resistant. When the water flow reaches a certain pressure, the sealing gasket at the bottom of the floor drain automatically opens and drains directly. After the drainage is completed, the sealing gasket is automatically closed by the built-in spring to form a full seal.
The double-layer filter screen effectively blocks the debris; the drainage channel is straight-through, and the impurities are directly flushed into the sewer along with the water to be discharged, and will not trap dirt and blockage. The detachable deodorant inner core only needs to be taken out regularly in the water for cleaning, which is very convenient for cleaning.

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