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What kind of floor drain is a real anti-odor floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 21, 2020

What kind of floor drain is a real anti-odor floor drain?

First of all, it must have good sealing performance, and the sealing time must be long, and it must be resistant to the positive and negative pressures generated on the main pipe when the branches of the main pipe drain, and prevent the water in the water seal from being drained due to the positive and negative pressure of the pipe. If the water in the water seal is drained by the positive and negative pressures in the pipe, the floor drain will return an odor. Therefore, the national building design code particularly emphasizes that the water seal must be above 50mm, which is scientifically based. Secondly, it must have good drainage performance, the drainage volume must be large, and the correct drainage volume should be 60L/min. In addition, the self-cleaning ability must be strong, and frequent cleaning is not necessary. Once an accidental blockage occurs, the cleaning must be convenient. To say that the sealing performance is good It is best to have a water seal. At present, most of the floor drain products on the market called "anti-odor" have not reached this depth. There are also some three-proof floor drain products called "anti-backflow", in fact, there is no Floor drain products with water seal, or floor drain products with and less water seal.

This type of product was rejected by the national water supply and drainage experts two years ago. This is because this kind of floor drain product is only floating on the drain port with a small gasket cover, which is to be able to drain the water. The design can be opened at any time. The disadvantage of this design is: because the floor drain discharges sewage, the sewage usually contains a lot of hair, cotton fabric, grit and other materials. Once these materials are entangled on the tension rod, or the grit stays When the gasket is in the sealed position, it has to be removed and cleaned. There is no way to know when the sealing system is broken by these substances. People will only pay attention to these problems when they smell the odor, but it is too late and the odor has filled the room.

In addition, because the floor drain is connected to the sewer pipe, there are usually a large amount of ammonia, biogas, methane, ethane and other chemical substances in the sewer pipe. These substances will quickly chemically react with the rubber and silica gel of the floor drain gasket. Make it deform and harden, thereby gradually affecting the sealing effect. It should also be noted that all three-proof floor drain products called "anti-overflow", whether they use the principle of leverage, or use magnets, springs, have a limited life span, and it is difficult to prevent the positive or negative of the drainage pipe. Pressure. Because in terms of its design principles, such products can only prevent positive pressure in the pipeline. It cannot prevent the negative pressure in the pipeline. For this reason, the sealing performance of such products is worthy of consideration.


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