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What is the difference between resin finished drainage ditch and traditional drainage ditch Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 26, 2021

With the continuous development of economic globalization, huge changes have taken place in the construction and improvement of drainage systems in urban planning projects. With the in-depth cooperation and continuous division recessed linear drain of labor in social production, as well as the continuous increase in social labor costs, linear resin finished drainage ditch has gradually replaced traditional cast-in-place drainage ditch, and has been widely used in urban drainage systems.

The finished drainage ditch body is made of special durable resin concrete material. The cover material is divided into four grades: resin, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and ductile iron, which can meet the load-bearing requirements of the six load-bearing grades of the EN1433 standard. It is suitable for urban communities, commercial squares, landscape green spaces, traffic roads, parking lots, railway stations, airports, ports, etc.

Compared with traditional drainage ditch systems, finished resin drainage ditch has the following advantages:

1. The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, the inner wall is smooth and free of scale, can clean itself, and is not easy to be blocked. Moreover, each ditch is connected with the cover plate with an anti-theft lock, which ensures the integrity of the drainage ditch system and saves maintenance costs in the future;

2. In terms of performance, sustainable water collection, strong drainage capacity, and reinforcing ribs can avoid ground subsidence to a certain extent;

3. The structure is simple, the speed is fast, the weight is light, the transportation is convenient, the card slot is connected, the bottom is guaranteed to reduce 4/5 man-hours, there are side discharge ports and lower discharge ports, which greatly saves manpower and material resources;

4. Beautiful appearance, coordinated with well-designed landscape planning, and various cover plates can be freely matched. In addition, the specification of the groove body is 1 m/section, and the cover plate is the same. If there is a replacement or a single purchase of the groove body or cover in the later period, it can also be perfectly matched with the previous product;

5. It is irreplaceable in the use of the ground or roof covered by limited soil. Due to its strong drainage capacity, compared with the size of traditional drainage ditch, the depth and width of ground excavation are greatly reduced, which not only satisfies the drainage capacity, but also solves the problem of limited soil coverage.

Gap linear finished drainage ditch can be widely used in pedestrian streets, garages, squares, sidewalks, parks, scenic spots, etc. The gap design of the cover makes the drainage ditch system and the building perfectly integrated, and the beautiful linear structure fully meets the requirements of architectural aesthetics. The grid-type linear finished drainage ditch can also be widely used in pedestrian streets, garages, squares, sidewalks, park roads, landscape roads, etc. This series is equipped with a unique fastening connection device to ensure the stability and safety of the entire system. Compared with the slit type, its water intake area is larger and the water intake is more.

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