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What are the characteristics of different types of floor drains Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 29, 2022

Spring Drain:
Divided into upward and downward. The spring-up type is to press the cover plate, the cover plate bounces up, and if pressed again, it will reset; the spring-down type is to use the spring to stretch the sealing gasket at the lower end of the sealing core to seal. Since the spring is made of boron iron, it is easy to corrode and its elasticity gradually increases. It will weaken until it fails, and the life is not long. In addition, the spring is easy to entangle the hair and fabric, and it is not easy to clean. Advantages: good deodorant effect. Disadvantages: slow drainage, and easy to block for home use.

Floor drain:
It is to use gravity to open when there is water and close when there is no water. It looks like it will deodorize, but the actual use is quite different. Disadvantages: These self-sealing floor drains are not deodorant, easy to block, and have a short lifespan. Advantages: There are more choices of panel styles.

Floating ball floor drain:
Use the buoyancy of water to float the ball to seal the drain to achieve the function of deodorization. When the water flows into the drain outlet of the floor drain, the buoyancy of the water lowers the floating ball and floats the sewage out. When there is no water, the floating ball will close the drain to achieve the sealing function. Frequent cleaning is required. Disadvantages: poor drainage function, easy to block, easy to retain dirt to cushion the floating ball, and loss of the sealing function. Advantages: long life.

Plastic basket floor drain:
A plastic basket is used instead of the buckle bowl, which is another form of the water-sealed floor drain, but it is easier to clean.

Eccentric block seal floor drain:
The bottom of the floor drain is sealed with a plastic pad with a lead sink on one side. The sealing is not tight, and the metal pins are easy to rust, damage, fail and have a short life.

Magnet type sealed floor drain:
Use two magnets to attract each other to seal. Due to the poor quality of surface water, such as brushing the ground and other reasons, some iron impurities in the sewage will be adsorbed between the two magnets and gradually accumulate, which will cause the two magnets to be unable to be fully attracted, and the gasket will not be able to Completely sealed; in addition, the magnetic force of the magnet in sewage is not as stable as that in the air, and the effect of the earth's large magnetic field will gradually weaken the magnetic force, so the performance is not very stable.

Mechanical gravity seal floor drain:
It adopts the principle of mechanical gravity and piston structure and uses the balanced relationship between the slider inside the sealing core and the water flow to open and close the gasket. Because there is no need for water sealing and no external force sealing, the performance is stable and the service life is long.


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