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Water-retaining strip and strip-shaped floor drain, which one to choose is more advantageous Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 05, 2021

Many people use water-retaining strips during bathroom decoration, on the one hand to separate the wet and dry, on the other hand, to let the moisture dissipate in time and prevent the breeding of bacteria indoors. However, a big disadvantage of the water retaining bar is that the height is slightly higher than the ground, linear shower drain and it is easy to trip when you are not paying attention when walking. Especially if there are elderly or children in the home, it is not safe to install the water retaining bar.

The most important point is that the strip floor drain can be directly installed in the wet and dry separation zone, which not only serves as a floor drain, but also blocks water flow. Moreover, the ground is well kept level, and it is safer to use when there is no height, which is very suitable for families with elderly and children. In addition, it has 2 major advantages.

1) The water is fast and not easy to be blocked

The strip-shaped floor drain has a larger leakage area, which invisibly increases the amount of water, so that the water is faster, and it is not easy to cause blockage.

2) The slope level is small and the construction is convenient

Generally, the drainage slope of the strip floor drain only needs 1%, while the original slope finding is 1.5%-3%, which greatly reduces the difficulty of construction.

In a small apartment bathroom, a strip floor drain is installed directly in the wet and dry separation area, and a shower curtain can be added to realize the freedom of showering, which saves space and looks good.

In the bathroom with sufficient space, the shower room can be used with the strip floor drain after installing the shower room, and the whole space looks beautiful and atmospheric.

Or build a wall by yourself as a partition, separate the shower area and the washing area, and keep dry and wet reasonably separate, and there is no need to worry about the danger of excessive water vapor.

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Material All stainless steel 316 or 304.
Thickness 1.2mm for basement and 1.5mm for patterns.
Size in inch 24”,26”,28”,32”,36”,40”,48”,60” in length, the width is 3-3/8”.
Size in mm 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm in length the width is 85mm.
Outlet 40mm/ 50mm, vertical outlet and plastic siphon design.
Capacity 40L/min Additional outlets may be added to increase flow rate
Surface finished Satin finished, Polished finished, golden finished and bronze finished.
Accessories Lifting key and strainer including, adjust legs, Adapter and all else for options.
Customization All size accepted by custom made.
Cetificate ISO90001-2008, WATERMARK CERTIFICATE.
Warranty 20 years Guarantee


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