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What is the size of the floor drain? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Aug 04, 2016

In the bathroom, the floor drain is essential in the bathroom hardware accessories, decoration, floor drain is in need of special attention. In the purchase of the floor drain, not only pay attention to the shape, price and quality, but also pay attention to the size. So, what are the floor dimensions? The better machinery for everyone.
A deodorant floor drain size: mainly is the diameter of 3 inch and 4 inch two relatively common, there are other sizes, from small to large size, many. According to the shape of the floor drain, square, round, rectangular, square type household floor drain size from 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm.
Two, floor panel size: general is 10 cm, Xiashuikou aperture normal is 5 cm, the changes are 4 cm square, 12cm*12cm 10cm*10cm home.
Three, deep water seal floor drain: 10cm X 10cm 12cm square panel depth - 14cm (different brands of different depth) diameter: 50 5cm diameter pipe can also be slightly smaller, but at least more than 4.5cm.
Four, automatic magnetic panel 10cm X deodorant floor drain: square 10cm depth: from the tiles to the water pipeline elbow 8cm. The diameter: 50 tube diameter 5cm, a fine tube can be, but at least more than 4.5cm.
Five, Chaobao: 10cm X 10cm square panel depth: the panel thickness 1.5cm, the floor drain core length is 2.5cm, the overall depth of 40 4cm diameter drain pipe diameter 4cm Chaobao generally used in more old houses, because there are a lot of the old house is to use 40 tubes, now the new house sewer pipes are generally 50 tubes. In addition, if the new house turn into 40 pipes, pipe or change depth of only 4cm, 7cm, you cannot use the T type full automatic deodorant floor drain, also can use this one, although the floor drain odor, but the odor effect worse, the only advantage is that the speed of water.
The above is about the size of floor drain which the introduction, I believe we all understand. Here, better machinery to remind you, there are a variety of floor drain size, not uniform, consumers can choose appropriate according to the bathroom floor drain. In addition, in the choice of floor drain, but also pay attention to quality, to prevent the use of influence to the day after.

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