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How to solve the waterproof problem of the shower room? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Mar 12, 2021


Waterproofing is an indispensable part of shower room renovation. The details of corner gaps, ground drains and water pipe gaps can easily be overlooked.

1. Basic project

The quality of the basic engineering plays an indispensable role in the waterproof effect of the shower room. The waterproofing of the shower room requires the waterproofing of the basic engineering, such as laying ceramic tiles on the surface area of ​​the wall, and waterproofing from the inside to the outside. linear shower drain After leveling on the ground, choose a good waterproof coating suitable for the application. After the first basic waterproofing step, a 1:2 ratio of cement and mortar is evenly covered on the upper layer of the waterproof coating as a second-level waterproofing treatment. After completing these two steps, the tile laying work can be carried out. After placing the tiles, don't forget to water and shoot the work to prevent the tiles from loosening and fitting.W70 SERIES linear drains

2. Waterproof material

High-quality waterproof materials can greatly enhance the waterproof effect of the shower room. The deodorant floor drain pipe needs to be stored several times before use. After repeated long-term water storage tests, there is no flooding or stagnant water, so you can use them with confidence. Also need to pay attention to clean up the debris in the floor drain in time to prevent the blockage of the debris from affecting the waterproof effect of the floor drain. In the shower room and ceiling decoration, the microporous aluminum plate is the first choice because of its waterproof and moisture-proof effect. This material can circulate the air in the shower room and minimize condensation. Families with sufficient budget can choose to make gypsum board ceilings, and pay attention to the need to apply waterproof putty before making the ceiling. Avoid using PVC ceilings. This kind of waterproof effect is poor, and condensate is often generated and dripped.

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