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How to solve the off-flavor problem of toilet floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jul 26, 2021

The renovation of the new home has just been completed, and the drain in the bathroom is always blocked. In the summer, it even smells bad? How can I avoid this kind of situation? Although the bathroom space is small, the selection of some items must have quality assurance. floor drains Shop around is not fooled. Do the daily waterproof and moisture-proof anti-leakage, the daily cleaning of the bathroom will save half of the effort, and our own use is more comfortable.

To solve the problem of off-odor toilet floor drain, you should first check whether the floor drain installed by yourself is an odor-resistant floor drain. The odor-resistant function of ordinary floor drains is not enough. If you install an anti-odor floor drain, check whether the water in the floor drain sump is still there, and consider that the deodorizing performance may be lost after the water evaporates.

Floor drain purchase suggestions:

First of all, when we are doing decoration, it is best to give priority to bathing, washing and draining, so as to solve the problem of no return of water from the floor drain.

Secondly, use drain pipe joints and pay attention to keeping the thickness of the pipe consistent.

In addition, be sure to buy a floor drain with a separate inner core design, so that it will be easier and faster to clean in the future

The floor drain usually has a built-in water seal and smelly, so you are not afraid to choose a siphon-type drainage flow!

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