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How to choose shower floor drain Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 07, 2022

In interior decoration, the places where floor drains can be used mainly include bathrooms, balconies, and kitchens. Among them, there are many floor drains used in bathrooms. The choice of bathroom floor drains, can be divided into ordinary dry and wet area floor drains, washing machine floor drains and shower floor drains. Today we talk about how to choose a shower floor drain.

The first point of purchase: drainage area
Commonly used home improvement floor drains are square, round, rectangular, etc. The size of household square deodorant floor drains ranges from 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm. The size of the floor drain determines the drainage area of ​​the floor drain, and the shower floor drain is designed from the design. Considering the problem of large flow drainage. At present, the shower floor drain on the market is different from the ordinary floor drain, and the most intuitive performance is on the water grate.

The second point of purchase: drainage diameter
Will the drainage be fast if the drainage area is increased? the answer is negative. Here, the drain diameter should also be considered, the floor drain with the floor drain core and the problem of occupying the inner diameter of the pipe should be considered. Even if the drainage area of ​​some floor drains increases, the drainage is still not fast due to the restriction of the diameter of the drainage pipe. Even if it is a long floor drain, if the drainage diameter is not selected properly, it will still drain very slowly. The drainage method and drainage diameter are also the key points of selection.

The third point of purchase: easy to clean
Why should we focus on cleaning here, because when showering, hair is easy to fall, and it will be entangled and accumulated in the floor drain for a long time, which is particularly difficult to clean? Is it difficult to clean the floor drains of deepwater seals and mechanical seals? Therefore, when purchasing a shower floor drain, we must consider the convenience of cleaning.

The fourth point of purchase: anti-odor
In the choice of deodorization for shower floor drains, it is recommended to use water seals. Why choose water seals? The water is fluid, the seal is good, and there will be no gaps that allow odors and mosquitoes to enter the room. Deodorizing should also take into account drainage, but water-sealed floor drains tend to drain slowly, so choosing a good water-sealed floor drain is the key.


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