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How to choose a floor drain that suits your decoration style Posted by : admin / Posted on : Apr 02, 2022

The role of floor drain:
The floor drain is not just a drainage device, it is the dirtiest sewer pipe connected to it, comparable to the "third door" in the family except for the door and window, and shoulders the heavy responsibility of the air quality of the room and the health of family members. Although the floor drain is small, its role cannot be underestimated. Since the floor drain is buried in the tiles, it is difficult to replace it once installed. If it is improperly selected and installed, it will lay a serious hidden danger to the living environment and the health of family members. When people are decorating their homes, they should increase their investment in floor drains and choose a high-quality floor drain with high technology content and exquisite workmanship.

Floor drain options:
With the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher. Modern bathroom facilities have entered ordinary families, and traditional floor drains are no longer suitable for them, and they are gradually being bought by the market. When people decorate their new houses, they must choose a suitable decoration. Floor drains with matching styles and shower facilities, there are many brands and varieties of floor drains on the market, including plastic, cast iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass, and bronze terms of materials. Every manufacturer Huang Po sells melons, and they all say that their floor drains have large displacement, good deodorization, and anti-overflow effects, and plastic cores are better than metal cores. The user's choice of floor drain standard should be based on their own life experience, as well as the sentence left by the ancestors, "not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods", what kind of floor drain should be selected, no need to say "you understand".

Floor drain installation:
In the past, when the floor drain was installed, there were no requirements for drainage, odor resistance, and anti-overflow, and no attention was paid to the bathroom decoration. Basically, the master bricklayer installed a bell-type floor drain that could drain water. In the situation of serious air pollution, it is difficult to reinstall because the floor drain is buried in the ceramic tile. For the health of family members, please guide the master bricklayer correctly:

1. When you plan to renovate a new house, you should fully understand the sanitary equipment and floor drain, according to the location and diameter of the pipeline reserved for the new house (generally, the diameter of the pipeline is DN50, and there are also some pipelines with a diameter of DN75. caliber direction), decoration style, washing machines, showers and other facilities to choose the matching floor drain, and the floor drain construction is included in the design scope.
2. According to the selected floor drain model, the height at which the floor drain needs to be installed determines the ground waterproof and tile height.
3. The master bricklayer is accustomed to the traditional installation method of the floor drain. Under normal circumstances, after the bathroom is waterproofed, and the floor drain is installed, you should take the initiative to tell the master bricklayer that the installation of the floor drain must be carried out at the same time as the waterproofing.
4. Due to the serious corrosiveness of cement, high-quality floor drains should be protected by a protective cover on the main surface of the floor drain during installation. After the bathroom is decorated and cleaned, remove the protective cover, install the floor drain components and start using the floor drain, and there are more Humanized configurations and matching.


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